Open Bachelor's Theses

Title Type Advisors Year Links
Machine-learning-based optimization of IEEE 802.1 Qbv Schedule Generation BA, IDP, GR, MA Max Helm, Benedikt Jaeger 2022 Pdf
Analysis of Aliased Prefixes in the Internet BA, MA Patrick Sattler, Johannes Zirngibl, Juliane Aulbach 2022 Pdf
"The right tool for the job" - Specialization using Data Plane HW/SW Decomposition IDP, GR, MA, BA Kilian Holzinger, Henning Stubbe 2022 Pdf
Event processing in Software Data Planes IDP, MA, BA Manuel Simon 2022 Pdf
Role Based Qualified Electronic Signatures IDP, MA, BA Lars Wüstrich 2022 Pdf
Exploration of Alternative Qbv Schedule Synthesis Algorithms BA, IDP, GR, MA Max Helm, Benedikt Jaeger 2020 Pdf