Seminar Information

The seminar places will be allocated using the faculty wide matching system. More information can be found on the following pages:

The pre-course meeting (for both seminar courses) takes place 29.6.18 16:15 in MI Hörsaal 3 (00.06.011). Students who attend the pre-course meeting will receive a higher preference in the matching system by us.

We will make the slides available on the website after the event.

Slides from the info meeting

Both seminar courses are open to English speakers. If you have any questions please contact


  • Open vSwitch Config for Separation of KVM libvirt VMs, Andre Jonas, (Advisor: Johannes Naab, M.Sc.) 2019-01-11, 14:15
  • Antenna Basics, Hamberger Markus, (Advisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan M. Günther) 2019-01-11, 14:40
  • Bot-based IT Troubleshooting, Braun Benjamin, (Advisor: Jonas Jelten, Simon Bauer, M.Sc.) 2019-01-11, 15:05
  • Client Monitoring with HTTPS, Hartmond Felix, (Advisor: Simon Bauer, M.Sc.) 2019-01-11, 15:30
  • Networking in MirageOS, Bonk Fabian, (Advisor: Paul Emmerich) 2019-01-18, 14:05
  • Networking in Biscuit, Voit Sebastian, (Advisor: Paul Emmerich) 2019-01-18, 14:30
  • Caching with Relation, Moazzen Mohamad Nour, (Advisor: Stefan Liebald, M. Sc.) 2019-01-18, 14:55
  • Resource Consumption of Secure Multiparty Computation, Hilbig Tobias, (Advisor: von Maltitz) 2019-01-18, 15:20
  • Comparing Network Modeling Techniques, Kendzor Ivan, (Advisor: Max Helm, M. Sc.) 2019-01-25, 14:05
  • Recent Progress on the QUIC Protocol, Yosofie Mehdi, (Advisor: Benedikt Jaeger) 2019-01-25, 14:30
  • Breaking 802.11 using PMKID, Rødland Joakim, (Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Hof) 2019-01-25, 14:55
  • Investigating TCP SYN Flood Mitigation Techniques in the Wild, Villing Julian, (Advisor: Minoo Rouhi, M. Sc.) 2019-01-25, 15:20