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Lectures and presentations on recent research projects are held by students, graduants, scientific staff and guests in regular seminars for this purpose.

Recordings of selected Talks can be accessed on our media portal.

March 2020: As reaction to the coronavirus disease COVID-19 and the virus SARS-CoV-2 the seminars will be held online. The specific video conference room is announced in the invitation. Please contact for additional information or questions.

Date, Time

Intermediate talk for Master's Thesis by
Sugandh Huthanahally Mohan
(Rute, Wiedner, Andre)
Fine Time Measurement based Time Synchronization for Multi-AP OFDMA Wireless Industrial Environments
Language: English
Intermediate talk for Bachelor's Thesis by
Simon Karan Guayana
(Zirngibl, Jaeger)
Analyzing the Effect of Transport Parameters on QUIC's Performance
Language: English