By taking part in the EU FP 7 project RESUMENET (Resilience and Survivability for future networking - framework, mechanisms and experimental evaluation) our research focus shifted towards more resilience-oriented research questions. An example were applications that were uninterupted by changes in location and server due to mobility or failure. Another idea was to use Peer-to-Peer solutions in combination with client-server solutions (CoSIP) using the peers as fall-back. In the EINS network of excellence, we explored the implications of Internet as Critical Infrastructure, on a technical side, but also addressing the multi-disciplinary aspects of the research problem (e.g. with management sciences and social sciences). Finally, there is some work on network planning and modelling. Here we use optimization methods and network calculus.

Scientists: Dr. Johann Schlamp, Kilian Holzinger

Projects: RECODIS, SafeCloud, ResumeNet, EINS


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