Information Privacy

Privacy is another issue we are working on. This includes privacy in protocol design as well as anonymity on the Internet. Network security in general is related to many of our other research topics. Intrusion Detection is strongly related to monitoring. As Peer-to-Peer systems are increasingly used to improve classic client/server systems, securing Peer-to-Peer and other self-organising systems is in our focus.

Data privacy

Besides classical network security, the privacy has become an important topic of research. We focus on data protection and the control of data flows dudring full life-cycle in distributed systems. We therefore investigate which data emerges in cutting edge technology like smart buildings or smart cars and assess their criticality with respect to privacy. We then work on solutions how to better protect information, how to make data flows and their processing more transparent to the end user and we provide measures in order to let them stay in control of their own information.

Scientists: Johannes Zirngibl, M.Sc., Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Carle, Marcel Kempf, M.Sc., Dr. Holger Kinkelin, Filip Rezabek, Lion Steger

Projects: ACE-SUPPRA, VITAF, DecADe, securemail, SafeCloud, IDEM, EINS


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Student Theses

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