Blockchain Technology

Blockchains are one of the most interesting and relevant technologies that were created in recent years. Their initial purpose has been serving as a non-erasable and tamperproof ledger for decentralized payment systems. Besides this applicationo area, Blockchain technology can be used in other types of networked systems as a trusted building block comparable to a secure element in computer hardware.

For this reason, our first research focus are Trustworthy Networked Services based on Blockchain Technology. Furthremore, we perform Behavioral Analysis of Blockchains to better understand their network-related properties. Besides research, Blockchains play an important role in our courses.

Blockchain-Based Trustworthy Networked Services

The first focal point of our activities around Blockchains is our investigation how Blockchain technology can help us to build trustworthy and secure networked services. This includes research on federated identity management across different institutions, and secure and accountable configuration of networked devices.

Behavioral Analysis of Blockchains

Our chair has a long history in traffic measurement and analysis. For this reason, our second research focus on Blockchains is understanding their behavior in networks, and which effects Blockchains have on the network. Hence, we are currently building tools for our network test bed that allow us to conduct reproducible experiments with different Blockchain implementations in a controlled environment.


In our lecture on Peer-to-Peer Systems and Security (IN2194) there is currently a large chapter dedicated to this topic. Furthermore, we offer a Blockchain experiment in our lab course iLab2 (IN0012, IN2106, IN2257, IN4097, IN8018). Lastly, we offer topics on the subject in our seminars and pro seminar.

Further Information

You find further information about our activities on our B²TNS interest group page on this topic.

Scientists: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Carle, Dr. Holger Kinkelin, Filip Rezabek



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