Conferences & Workshops

Programm committee Co-Chair:

  • [PfHSN2002] IFIP / IEEE Seventh International Workshop on Protocols For High-Speed Networks (PfHSN 2002), Co-Chairs: Georg Carle und Martina Zitterbart, 21-23 April 2002, Berlin, Germany,\
  • [HSN2003] IEEE International Workshop High-Speed Networks (HSN 2003) in conjunction with IEEE INFOCOM, Co-Chairs: Andrea Fumagalli and Georg Carle, 30 March 2003, San Francisco, USA
  • [Mome2003] ACM Workshop on Workshop on Models, Methods and Tools for Reproducible Network Research (MoMeTools'03) in conjunction with ACM SIGCOMM 2003, 25 August 2003, Karlsruhe, Germany,
  • [NGC2003] International Workshop on Networked Group Communication - Fifth COST 264 International Workshop on Networked Group Communications (NGC 2003), Program Co-Chairs Burkhard Stiller und Georg Carle, September 16-19, 2003, Munich, Germany,
  • [DagSO2004] International Dagstuhl Seminar on "Service Management and Self-Organization in IP-based Networks", Seminar Organizers: M. Bossardt (ETH Zürich), G. Carle, D. Hutchison (Lancaster Univ., GB), H. de Meer (Univ. Passau), B. Plattner (ETH Zürich, CH), Dagstuhl, Germany, Oct. 3-6., 2004,
  • [WWIC2005] 3rd International Conference on Wired/Wireless Internet Communications (WWIC 2005), Program Co-Chairs: Torsten Braun and Georg Carle, May 11-13, 2005, Xanthi, Greece,
  • [DagAN2006] Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop: Autonomic Networking (AN2006), Seminar Nr. 06011, Organisatoren: Georg Carle, Randy H. Katz (Univ. California - Berkeley), Bernhard Plattner (ETH Zürich, CH), Mikhail Smirnov (FhG FOKUS, Berlin),\ 3-6 January 2006,
  • [WWIC2006] 4th International Conference on Wired/Wireless Internet Communications (WWIC 2006), Program Co-Chairs: Georg Carle and Sonja Fahmy,\ 10-12 May 2006, Bern, Switzerland,
  • [GIS2006] IEEE 9th International Symposium on Global Internet (Global Internet 2006), Co-Chairs: Georg Carle and Pablo Rodriguez Rodriguez, April 2006, Barcelona, Spain,
  • [MonAM06] IST/ITG Workshop on Monitoring and Intrusion Detection (MonAM 2006), Co-Chairs: Georg Carle, Morris Sloman and Olivier Paul, September 2006, Tübingen, Germany,
  • [KiVS2007] GI/ITG Conference „Communications in Distributed Systems ("Kommunikation in Verteilten Systemen" - KiVS 2007), Co-Chairs: Torsten Braun, Georg Carle, Burkhard Stiller, February 2007, Bern, Switzerland,
  • [WWIC2008] 6th International Conference on Wired/Wireless Internet Communications (WWIC 2008), General Chair: Georg Carle, April 2008, Tübingen, Germany

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